Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy 155th Anniversary Mittie & Theodore

On December 22, 1853, in the Bulloch family home on the top of the knoll, Martha “Mittie” Bulloch of Roswell, Georgia, married Theodore Roosevelt of New York, New York, and the parents of our twenty-sixth President began a twenty-five year marriage that survived the Civil War and thrived in its aftermath. By the time he died of stomach cancer in 1878, Theodore Sr. and Mittie had raised four children, “Teedie” the sickliest, through a myriad of childhood illnesses, to young adulthood and lives of promise.

As I reflect on the magic and mystery of marriage and how men and women can come together through such amazing circumstances, I can only be thankful that those magical, mysterious things came together on this day in Roswell, Georgia. President Theodore Roosevelt doesn’t spring from the ooze of history without antecedent. He was here through loving parents, with devoted siblings and eventually amazing children and progeny. It is no wonder that healthy family life was something he lived and promoted his whole life through.

I so strongly suggest that you visit Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia. The director, Pam Billingsley, and all of the people there are the friendliest and the explication of TR’s southern roots the most thorough in the nation. The Wiegands will visit Bulloch Hall when we bring the Teddy Roosevelt Show to Roswell on January 3. Hope to see you at J. Christopher’s for a great dinner show and a salute to the president who was half New Yorker and half Georgian. Here’s a toast to Theodore & Mittie!

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